If you're ready to offer body contouring services to your clients achieve their body goals, then you are in the right place. You will learn a strategy-infused marketing plan to leave CW Academy training ready to take clients the next day.  I've got something special for you.


Body Contouring is Recession Proof...Come Learn To Earn And Create Your Own Wealth!


CW Academy™ is a One Day Hands-On Training with Theory designed to help you create results for your clients, gain confidence in your ability, and be sought-after like never before. After training you’ll be able to print cash on demand, grow your business, attract ideal clients, and never feel overwhelmed or undervalued.


Running a service-based business is an emotional rollercoaster and you're looking for someone who gets you...


Who isn't giving you a one-size fits all marketing plan, but one that feels unique to you & your offer designed specifically for body contours specialist like you and your location...


Someone who will help you feel confident after leaving training to do the real work that comes with building a profitable & sustainable body contouring business...


➡️ Premium clients you deserve will come and you’ll be ready for them


➡️ You will deliver amazing service to each client and articulate body contouring value…easily and effortlessly $$$...

Entrepreneurship is a necessity, not a luxury.

Beyond that, you’re tired of struggling, you want to provide a better life for your family, create your own identity, and you know body contouring can do that for you.  

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Are you ready to be highly sought-after Body Contouring Specialist and dominate your area?


Here's what you'll learn during the One Day Body Contouring CW Academy™ with LIVE Model Practice, Full Starter Kit, Certificate Learning Manual & MORE!

  • Laser Lipo

  • Lipo Cavitation

  • Vacuum Therapy

  • RF Skin Tightening

  • Sauna Detox

  • V-Steam

  • Wood Therapy

  • Foot Detox

  • …there’s more!!!

  • Habits of a Body Contouring Specialist to Make Coins & Build Influence

  • 3 Pillars to Influence Clients Easily

  • Selling and Upselling Products & Services to Clients Effortlessly

  • Goal Setting & Vision Session for your business

  • Become a part of our family for additional support after training & networking, if needed

Jump on the waitlist and be the first to know when BLACK FRIDAY Tickets for Body Contouring CW Academy™ are available. 

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